18. July 2016

Put the GEGGUS Superheroes on your side

GEGGUS Entrance Matting Systems can help you avoid the Health & Safety, legal and revenue loss issues we've identified in our Industry Application online guides...

25. May 2016

Food Hygiene Rating - Getting and retaining a “5” starts at the door

Customers are very aware of the Food Standards Agency's Food Hygiene Rating, and they are increasingly looking out for a rating of 5, to reassure them that they'll be eating in a safe environment...

23. March 2016

Manufacturing - A clean facility starts at the door and saves you money

A study by 3M Group showed that 85% of dirt & moisture enters a building through footfall and on the wheels of machinery. The impact of dirt & moisture in your facility goes way beyond simply not looking good...

21. October 2015

Entrance Matting Systems - First Impressions Last

Entrance matting is often overlooked when it comes to designing buildings – perhaps left to think about later. But to keep a building’s interior a clean and safe environment for its users and visitors, the importance of matting should not be underestimated...

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