Quick Service Food Issues

With a focus on quickly serving high volumes of customers, while also gaining loyalty & repeat business, you need to make sure your operation is running smoothly.

Wet & dirty floors cause issues for your “smooth operation”, which impact your revenue and give a poor customer experience.

85% of dirt & moisture in a building comes in on the soles of shoes.

Without good quality, open structure entrance matting, very little of this dirt & moisture will be stopped at the entrance because the matting soon becomes ineffective as the dirt & moisture simply sits on top, which is then tracked into your store by the next customer.


The knock-on effects of wet & dirty floors

The knock-on effects of wet & dirty floors

Fewer staff serving, while cleaning dirt & moisture

Longer customer queues, while staff clean

Frustrated customers waiting longer for service

Lost sales when customers give up and leave ... and don't come back

The knock-on effects of wet & dirty floors

Food hygiene at risk from dirt & moisture tracked through store

Perception that store cleanliness reflects food preparation areas

Poor eat-in experience while staff clean & put up ugly yellow “CAUTION: Wet Floor” signs

Repeat & new sales hurt when customers tell friends about poor experience

The knock-on effects of wet & dirty floors

Risk of customer & staff slips & trips from wet floors and poor matting

Slips & trips cost UK business 1.15 million staff days, costing £500m last year

14,500 prosecutions & enforcement notices were issued for slip & trip related accidents

Average fine was over £32,000

GEGGUS open structure Entrance Matting Systems help prevent the negative impact on your revenue & customer experience
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