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Key Feature and Benefits




  Open structure

  Custom surfaces for your needs 

The open structure of GEGGUS Entrance Matting ensures dirt and moisture falls below the top layer of the mat, which prevents it from being picked up on the next pair of shoes, trolley wheels or forklift truck.

We can also supply collection troughs to sit below the matting, to collect dirt and moisture. These troughs can be connected to your drainage system, so you simply hose down the mat to flush any dirt or moisture away.

The open structure also makes the mat extremely flexible, making it more durable.

Each GEGGUS mat is hand made to your specific requirements. Our team will help design the best layout and make-up of matting to fit your situation.

Choosing from carpet, brush and rubber scraper bar inserts, we can provide matting to address any cleaning requirement, from offices, to retail outlets, and from food manufacturing to construction.

GEGGUS can also produce special shapes, beyond the traditional rectangular design. More detail here.

  Easy, quick maintenance

  Lightweight and strong

Made of high strength aluminium, the lightweight GEGGUS Entrance Matting system is easy to maintain by just one individual. The matting is simply rolled up and the dirt and moisture from beneath can be cleaned away.

Troughs are also available to sit below the matting and collect dirt and moisture. By connecting the troughs to a drainage system, the mat may be simply hosed down to flush away any dirt or moisture.

Individual brush or scraper bars can easily be replaced, if needed.

GEGGUS Entrance Matting is made of lightweight, high strength aluminium. This makes it easy to maintain by a single individual, who can simply roll up the matting and clean away dirt & moisture from beneath.

The lightweight nature also makes it easy and quick to install.

  High weight bearing

  Soundproofing – unique to Geggus

GEGGUS have matting systems specifically produced with high weight bearing capabilities, to meet the heavy weight demands of warehouses for large forklift traffic, or trolleys, such as airports & supermarkets. More detail here.

The GEGGUS Entrance Matting systems are the only mats with sound absorbing rubber profiles on the underside, to prevent noise when traffic moves across the matting. More detail here.

  Direct to drainage


GEGGUS can also supply collection troughts to sit below the matting, to collect dirt & moisture. These troughs can be connected to your drainage system, so you simply hose down the mat to flush any dirt or moisture away. More detail here.


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