Special Shapes - frames and mats

Pricing for circular mats

The price of circular mats is dependent on the way the mat is divided. it is determinedby the total area and the circumference of the mat. these two considerations form the price type 2(-divide) this means regardless of whether the mat is in two or four parts no additional costs for the dividing arise. The diagonal cuts which arise from the y-divide in type 1 must be added to the area and the circumference of the mat. four diagonal cuts are needed as every mat part can be considered as a single mat. Type 3 is the most labour intensive option as we must take into account eight diagonal cuts due to the x-divide of the area and the curve. we recommend you contact us at the factory for advice on all custom made mats.

Typ 1: -Divide Surcharge only for curve, no diagonal cuts
Typ 2: Y-Divide Surcharge for round cutting and four diagonal cuts
Typ 3: X-Divide Surcharge for round cutting and eight diagonal cuts


Pricing for special shapes with gaps, diagonals and curves

The red lines of the following drawings correspond to the surcharge for the cutting of the mats or frame (see table). This means that the subsequent cutting for a, b or c is always calculated by the effected area. It is possible that all three variants are consulted once or repeatedly for the calculation of the mat and frame depending on the shape and appearances of the mat and frame respectively.

a) gaps
b) diagonal
c) curves
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